One of the best feelings in the world is walking through the front door of your home after a long day and feeling completely inspired. Whether that’s a calm feeling, or one that peps you up, the environment you walk into is crucial for (in my opinion!) your own wellbeing. And you’re in control of that. One way you can completely alter your mood (along with scent), is with the imagery you place on the wall. Art has a way of capturing memories, creating emotions, and forming a feeling throughout an entire room, and that is so special to me. Clustering frames together is also a really cool way to create a feature in any home. Although the idea of creating an art wall might seem like a lot of work, my tips will make the whole process easy – and fun!

The first thing to consider when creating an art wall, is of course, the pieces of art themselves. What would you love to see day after day on your wall? Photos of loved ones? Urban skylines around the world? Nature? Abstract? This is all entirely up to you. You can shuffle through local thrift stores and flea markets for unique finds, and look at websites likes Chairish, ordering the pictures in any size you would like. Pinterest is also a good place to start for an idea of which kinds of pictures work well side by side.

Next, consider Framing. You can mix and match different kinds of frames from a company like Framebridge (who do custom framing and have a really clear ordering process), or you could follow a specific color scheme. Etsy is good place to find vintage frames, and personally, I like mixing textures, thickness and sizing, rather than have everything match. But it really is about what you think looks best in your home. Do you want a pop of color? Or are you looking for a black and white theme?

Finally comes the actual set up. Now, this can be tricky depending on the wall. Don’t just start hammering in nails until you know what you’re doing! Use masking tape or painters tape that won’t remove paint from your walls to mark out where your pictures are going to go before you commit to hanging is a good idea. Then all you need is a leveling tool (there’s one on your iPhone) and the right hook. For rentals or if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall, consider using Command hooks– sticky hooks that will hold picture frames but won’t damage the paint when they come off.

Another Tip: Form your art wall on your floor first before you start hanging. This leaves less room for trial and error and less holes in your wall! Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Mixing and matching frames or using different colors shouldn’t scare you. The goal is for you to be as happy as possible in your own home!