I found that as a bride-to-be, curating my own wedding registry was an unexpectedly tricky task albeit fun. What do we include? How many gifts do we put on the list? How do we strike the right balance between different price points? There were just so many elements to consider! 

So I thought I’d share a guide of registry dos and don’ts from my experience to help you create the perfect wedding registry that both you and your guests are going to love. I’ve also handpicked a few gifts ideas for every budget for inspiration to get you started below.

What Is a Wedding Registry and Why Is It Important?

A wedding registry is a curated list of gifts chosen by engaged couples traditionally to get started in their new home and new life together. It’s essentially a public wishlist typically including household goods such as tableware, cookware, linens, and small appliances. 

It’s important to have a wedding registry because it’s a convenient and organized way for your guests to choose gifts as it takes the guesswork out of the process, you won't end up with duplicate gifts as you guests can keep track of which gifts have already been purchased for you, and lastly, registries that can be accessed online make it easy for guests, especially those who cannot attend the wedding, to easily buy and send gifts.

Where to Start

Knowing what you want to include on your list can prove more difficult than one might think. However, if you stick to the basics, including everyday items like crockery, linen and furniture which you know you will need and want in your home, you won’t go far wrong!

A great place to start is to, between the two of you, assess three categories: what you need for your new life together, what you want, and your dream gifts, think big or simply things you wouldn’t buy for yourselves. Usually, there will be a large list for your needs, fewer for your wants and a couple for your dreams. From here you can curate a list of beautiful items that fit into each category, appropriate for every budget. 

Dos and Don’ts 

  • DO add presents for all budgets - it’s essential to keep in mind your guests’ financial means and their relationship with you when selecting gift options. What your work colleague might spend will surely be quite different to what your sibling might choose to spend. This doesn’t mean ruling out higher-priced or dream gifts but just remember to add them along with plenty of mid and low-priced items too!

  • DON’T forget practicality - include everyday items like homeware, tableware, linens and furniture. These are often appreciated by guests as they feel they are contributing to your new home and new life as a married couple. 

  • DO have your registry finished at least three to six months before the wedding to give your guests plenty of time to pick their gifts before the big day.

  • DON’T forget to send out thank you cards afterwards! 

Registry Ideas for The Entertainers

Entertaining is always fun and as newly-weds, hosting comes with the territory! With all the celebrations and housewarmings, including some of these dinner party essentials on your registry list is a must.

Registry Ideas for The Decor Lovers

Designing a home as a couple is an exciting adventure. To get started, pick a few staple furniture pieces that will help you lay the foundations of your home decor.

  • Glamorous and yet cosy rattan furniture 
  • Beautiful ceramic vases 
  • Unique antique items that add charm and character to any room
  • Decorative bowls to fill with potpourri, trinkets or simply nothing at all! Our Splatter scallop ceramic bowl in Yellow and Verde is a favourite for around the house but also for olives at my al-fresco aperitivos!
  • A kitchen essential - our Peche fruit bowl, for fruit or to serve fresh pastries at a lovely brunch.
  • Outdoor furniture for your garden or patio - browse our brand new Emerson outdoor collection.
  • Find more ideas here