Item Care

How to look after your item...


Sharland England wicker is hand-woven from 100% natural rattan. Looked after properly, it will endure in perfect condition for decades.

Natural rattan is not suitable for outdoor use. Rain and direct sunlight affect the finish over time.

If you need to clean your item, remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or dry brush. For a deeper clean, wipe down with a damp cloth, ensuring the product is completely dried afterwards. 


Antique cane chairs:

Our chairs are anything between 50 and 250 years old, and made from natural fibres, so cleaning has to be extremely gentle!

Cane seats can sag after frequent use. To tighten the cane once a year or so, turn your chair upside down and dampen with warm water. Dry immediately to avoid excess moisture being absorbed, and the cane will tighten. Take care not to wet the top side of the seat.

Avoid putting cane next to sources of heat. To prevent your cane from drying out, use a sparing amount of beeswax or lemon oil, applied with a brush. Again, make sure it is completely bone dry until adding back your cushion; this could be overnight.


Antique rush chairs:

Use a vacuum, warm damp cloth or moistened toothbrush to remove dust and dirt from the rush. Don’t be tempted to hose or soak the rush, as it will affect the rush’s shape and colour.


Antique wood:

Polish with Danish oil or beeswax, using a lint-free cloth. This is really worth doing every now and again; it makes the wood glow and shine.



Cushions and upholstered chairs are a linen-cotton blend.

Spot clean or wash at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle.

Do not tumble dry, and if you need to iron any areas, keep the setting on warm.