Sharland Engalnd Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I track the status of my order?

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email confirmation along with a tracking link so you can keep an eye on it!

My order has arrived but I am missing something, what can I do?

If you didn’t receive your entire order, it may have been sent in several parcel. Allow up to 5 days after placing your order and if you have still not receive your full order, please contact customercare@sharlandengland.com. 

My order has arrived damaged or is faulty. Can you help?

Of course, please contact customercare@sharlandengland.com as soon as possible.

I have placed an order but haven’t received a confirmation email. Where is it?

We always send an order confirmation email so please make sure to also check your spam folder. Should the email still be missing, please contact customercare@sharlandengland.com

I would like to cancel my order. How can I do that?

If you would like to cancel your order, email us at customercare@sharlandengland.com with your order number as soon as possible. Please note we can only cancel orders that have not been dispatched yet. If your order is already on its way to you, you will need to follow the returns process detailed on our Shipping & Returns page.

I made an error on my order. How do I amend it?

If you made an error on your order, email us at customercare@sharlandengland.com with your order number as soon as possible. Please note we can only cancel orders that have not been dispatched yet. If your order is already on its way to you, you will need to follow the returns process detailed on our Shipping & Returns page.

I ordered a product in pre-order, what happens next?

You can always find the estimated delivery time of an item in pre-order written on its product page. Please keep in mind that as soon as the item becomes available it will be shipped to you within 24 hours. For any additional questions, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

Can I add a gift note to my order?

No, unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer the option to add a gift note to your order.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

No, unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer gift wrapping.


How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping is dependent on the destination of your package. If you are shipping within the UK, the cost is £5. However, we provide free shipping for orders that are equivalent to or exceed £350. For international deliveries, our starting price for shipping is £10. These costs can vary based on the size, weight, and location of the shipment.

What about customs charges?

The customer is responsible for paying any duties and taxes associated with the order's shipping country.

Where do you ship to?

We ship internationally. If you don’t find your country in the shipping list please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

When will my order be dispatched?

Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours of receipt from Monday to Friday unless otherwise stated on the product page.

How long will it take for my order to arrive once dispatched?

Orders can take 1-2 days to arrive anywhere in the UK and 2-3 days internationally. Please note that customs can delay the arrival of your order.

What happens if I’m not in to receive my order?

If you’re unable to receive your order on its delivery day, please contact your carrier to rearrange the delivery.

I received an email saying my order had been delivered, but it hasn’t. Where is it?

Please contact your carrier for any information related to the status of your order’s delivery.

I think my order has been lost. What do I do?

If you haven't received your order and the tracking information hasn't been updated since dispatch, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.


What is your returns policy?

You can request a return within 14 days from receipt of the package. All you need to do is contact customercare@sharlandengland.com. The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping cost. Find more details on our Return Policy page. Please note that we do not offer returns on antique items (unless damage occurs in transit) due to the fact that all the pieces are entirely unique and will show wear consistent with age. Please see further details on our Terms of Service page.

Can I exchange a product?

To exchange a product you can return it and place a new order. Please find more details about our return policy here.

How do I return an order?

To return an order, please contact customercare@sharlandengland.com.

When will I know that you will have received my return?

To know if we received your return, we recommend you track your return shipment. As soon as we receive the parcel, its status will be updated accordingly.

How long will it take for my refund to come through?

Please note that refunds can take 5 – 10 working days to show on your account. If you still haven’t received your refund past this timeframe, please contact customercare@sharlandengland.com.

Will I be refunded for shipping when I return my order?

We will only refund shipping if your order was damaged in transit, is faulty or was returned to us due to failed delivery attempts, and you have chosen not to have it delivered back to you or receive a replacement. We will not refund shipping if you are returning your order for any other reason.

What happens if my order is damaged or lost upon return?

Please note that the customer is responsible for the safe return of the product. We are therefore not liable for any damaged or lost returns. We strongly recommend using a trackable shipping service. Please find more details on our Shipping & Returns page.


Does Sharland England make all of its products?

Yes, at Sharland England we do make all of our products. They are designed by our founder Louise Roe and slowly made by hand by dedicated artisans from around the globe preserving centuries-old craft traditions.

Where are the Sharland England products made?

All our products are handmade by expert artisans based in England, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, USA, Columbia and Thailand

Are your products handmade?

Yes, all our products are slowly handmade and support the craft and livelihood of people within traditional communities around the world. For example, our linens are hand-loomed, blockprinted, and hand-embroidered by a talented group of women artisans in India; our rattan is entirely hand-woven by skilled artisans in Indonesia; our glassware and ceramic are all handmade and hand-painted following centuries-old traditions.

How do I know if a product is made to order?

We don’t offer any made-to-order items and all our products are immediately available for purchase.

If a product I would like to order is currently out of stock, will it become available again?

This varies depending on the product. But we do normally mark products that won’t come back in stock as “Limited Edition”. For any additional questions, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

How do I know if a product is dishwasher safe or machine washable?

Our items are made to last but care is extremely important too so we always specify care instructions on the product page of every item. For any additional questions, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

I have a specific question about a product. Can you help?

We can! Please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

Can you make personalised items?

No, unfortunately, at this time we are unable to make personalised items.


I am an interior designer, can I open a trade account?

Absolutely! You can open your own Sharland England trade account by filling in the form on our Trade page. For any additional questions please email trade@sharlandengland.com

Do you offer a trade discount?

We do offer a trade discount. Simply fill in the form on our Trade page to benefit from it. For any additional questions please contact us at trade@sharlandengland.com.


How do I create my own wholesale account?

If you would like to create a wholesale account with Sharland England, please email sales@sharlandengland.com with your company details.


What is rattan?

Rattan is a type of climbing palm that is native to tropical regions, particularly Southeast Asia. It is widely used in the production of furniture and home decor due to its durability, flexibility, and beauty. The outer skin of the rattan palm is peeled and used to create woven patterns, while the inner core is typically used for the frames of furniture pieces. Sharland England rattan products are designed by our founder Louise Roe and handwoven by experienced artisans. You can shop our rattan furniture and accessories here.

What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

Rattan and wicker are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Rattan refers to a specific material, while wicker is a style of weaving. Specifically, rattan is a palm species that grows mainly in Southeast Asia. It is strong, flexible and durable, making it ideal for furniture construction. 

Wicker, on the other hand, refers to the weaving technique used to create furniture and accessories. It involves weaving together a variety of natural materials, such as rattan, bamboo and more, to create a sturdy and decorative pattern. Therefore, when you see a piece of furniture labelled as "rattan wicker," it means that the frame is made from rattan and the woven sections are made using the wicker technique. You can shop our rattan furniture and accessories here.

Is rattan sustainable?

Rattan is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is a type of palm tree that replenishes itself faster than wood, every 5-7 years, and can last a lifetime. It even requires less energy and water to produce compared to other materials like wood or plastic. For this reason, it has been used for centuries to make furniture and accessories. Every Sharland England item is sustainably made from 100% natural rattan and crafted by skilled artisans. Shop our rattan range here.

Where are your rattan products made?

Our rattan products are made in Indonesia. Thanks to its favourable climate, Indonesia is one of the major producers of rattan in the world and is home to the most skilled artisans who have been crafting rattan furniture and accessories for generations. You can shop our rattan furniture and accessories here.

How do I clean and care my for rattan furniture and accessories?

Your rattan furniture and accessories can look as good as new for years with proper care. Use a soft cloth to dust off regularly, ensuring you reach all crevices. For a deeper clean, use a soft-bristled brush (like a toothbrush) and mild soapy water to gently scrub away grime but avoid excessive water to prevent soaking the wood. Always dry thoroughly after cleaning. If your rattan products are exposed to sunlight, rotate them regularly to prevent uneven fading. Once a year, revitalize your rattan with linseed oil or lemon oil, applied with a soft cloth, it will restore its sheen.

Is your rattan furniture suitable for outside use?

To keep our rattan pieces as authentically natural as possible, they don’t have any protective overlay and therefore, they are unsuited for outdoor use.


Are your ceramics handmade?

Sharland England ceramics are entirely handmade by small family-owned potteries in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. They uphold centuries-old artisanal traditions that have been passed down through generations. Each piece tells its own story and is a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage of these artisans.

Are your ceramics handpainted?

Sharland England ceramics are meticulously and slowly hand-painted by skilled artisans, making each piece unique.

Where are your ceramics made?

Sharland England ceramics are entirely handmade by small family-owned potteries in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Are your ceramics dishwasher and microwave safe?

Please refer to the product page for specific care instructions. If there are no instructions, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com

Can Sharland England vases be used as jugs and vice versa?

All our products are extremely versatile. We love using our Sharland England jugs for serving delicious cocktails or for displaying flowers. And the same goes for our ceramic bowls which are perfect for pasta or nibbles during aperitivo but also to collect your favourite trinkets or as catch-all bowls in the entryway of your home. We believe that home decor and styling your Sharland England pieces is all about having fun and adding your unique sense of style to a space.


How do you select and curate antiques for your collection?

Our founder Louise hand-picks every item, based on her taste and what she feels is a special find for the brand.

Do your antiques come with any kind of authenticity certification?

Our antiques are cleaned and restored before being sold, and any imperfections are always detailed in the product description. Our antiques do not come with any paperwork, but they are instead full of charm!

Do you offer any guarantees or returns on your antique items?

Unfortunately we cannot offer returns on our antique and vintage products.

Are the antiques refurbished or in their original state?

The Sharland England antiques are always checked, cleaned and restored before becoming available for sale.


Are your candles handmade?

Sharland England candles are all sustainably made by one artisan who hand-pours them one by one. They are non-toxic and have a lead-free wick. You can shop them here.

What type of wax are your candles made from?

Our candles are made of a soy wax blend. Unlike traditional paraffin-based candles, soy wax blend candles are eco-friendly and have a longer burning time.

How long can I expect your candles to burn?

Sharland England candles will burn for 45 hours. You can shop them here.

Can I reuse or recycle the candle jars?

You can absolutely reuse Sharland England candle jars. They’re made out of glass so when the wax has burnt out, they can become tumbler glasses or lovely little vases for succulents or any other petite plants.

Which scent is best for Autumn?

For Autumn we love the Sharland England Amber & Suede candle (which is also Louise Roe’s absolute favourite from our range!) It has delicious notes of grapefruit, amber, sandalwood, suede and elemi. The scent is reminiscent of reading a novel in a wood-panelled library, tweed, elegance, the pop of a Champagne cork, brisk walks in the Autumn woods, writing letters from a beautiful antique desk. Shop it here.

Which scent is best for Winter?

For Winter, we created the Sharland England Redcurrant & Clove scented candle. It’s warm, spicy and perfect for a cosy evening with a glass of mulled wine by the fire. It makes you think of a winter night watching old movies under a cashmere blanket, dancing in the kitchen to Frank, a little magic in the air. You will smell notes of cinnamon, redcurrant, juniper, evergreen and clove.

Which scent is best for Spring?

In the Spring, we love a classic but with a twist - our Rose & Oud scented candle. It has notes of rose, sandalwood, oud, musk and neroli. We think the best way to describe this romantic floral scent is by imagining long drives in the French countryside, romance, a red vintage convertible, a floral linen dress, holding hands, windswept hair, a picnic and stolen kisses in the meadow.

Which scent is best for Summer?

For Summer days, the Sharland England Orange Blossom scented candle is definitely our go-to. It has fresh notes of orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver, freesia and cardamom. It makes us think of the birdsong of early morning, first sunrays on fresh sheets, a soft breeze through the window, hot coffee and croissants, feeling refreshed, feeling loved.

For Summer evenings, we believe nothing beats the Sharland England Pomegranate & Patchouly scented candle. With notes of pomegranate, patchouli, cedarwood, pink peppercorn and lily it transports you to a New York City night, Negronis in a hotel bar, a black silk slip dress, jazz on the piano, confidence, laughter with friends, high heels. Shop it here.


Are your linens handmade?

All our linens are hand-loomed, blockprinted, and hand-embroidered by a talented group of women artisans in India. Shop our Linens here.

What is hand-loomed linen and how is it different from machine-made linen?

Hand-loomed linen is a type of fabric that is crafted by hand on a loom, which is a device that weaves threads into fabric. The method is a traditional art form that has been passed down through generations in various cultures worldwide. Hand-loomed linens have unique natural textures, imperfections, and variations in weave density, which add to their authentic, organic charm.

Hand-loomed linens are largely considered superior in quality compared to machine-made linens. The main reason is the high level of skill, time, and effort required in their production. Each piece, in fact, is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans. In addition, the weavers' thorough control of the entire weaving process ensures that hand-loomed linens are more durable than their machine-made counterparts.

Where are they made?

Our collection of linens is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a community of talented women artisans in India. Find our hand-loomed, block-printed, and hand-embroidered linens here.

Are there specific care instructions for the various types of linens you offer?

We always recommend spot-cleaning or hand-washing our linens using gentle cleansers and avoiding harsh chemicals that could potentially weaken the fabric fibres and affect their durability.

How can I style my table for a formal dinner?

Regardless of it being a formal dinner, we believe the mood should always be extra welcoming and cosy so a scented candle burning by the door and flowers in a vase near the entryway, is a lovely welcome for the senses.

Guests will often bring wine or flowers, and I think it’s nice to use both in front of them – it

makes them feel appreciated! So having an empty vase or two, and a bottle opener, at the

ready, is a great idea. Then, onto the table! Lay a perfectly ironed tablecloth- we love our Blue embroidered Napa paired with our handpainted Vine ceramics- so elegant. Depending on what you’re serving you could need up to a little bowl over your dinner and side plates. On the top left of your dinner plate add a bread plate and a butter knife - our little coquillage dish is just perfect. On the left of your dinner plate, you should lay your ironed napkin together with the salad fork on the outside, and the dinner fork on the inside. On the right side of your dinner plate, place the knife and the soup spoon (farther away from the plate). Directly above the dinner plate, you should place a dessert spoon with the handle pointing to the right. The water glass goes above the knife and to the right of the water glass, place the white wine glass. Note that the red wine glass goes to the right (and slightly above) of the white wine glass. Our favourite glassware is our hand-blown Spiral collection. Lastly, if using a place card, set it above the dessert spoon. We love playing around with pretty handwriting to give it a personal touch. You can shop this exact tablescape here.

How can I style my table for the Holidays?

Is there anything more joyful than creating a tablescape for the Holidays? Christmas is such a magical time and it calls for a magical tablescape. We like to start by picking a colour palette. You can never go wrong with a classic red, but whites and blues with pops of rust and brown are our favourite colour combinations. Then it’s time to layer up our plates over our rattan placemats and finally, our napkins, adorned with the prettiest rattan Holly napkin rings - they add such a chic detail. As the centrepiece, we love to keep vases low, so people aren’t blocked from each other across the table and our Bambino vases are our favourites. As a last step, light some candles - the final effect will be so incredibly warm and festive. You can shop this exact tablescape here.

How can I style my table for a garden party?

With a backdrop of trees and flowers, we like keeping the table palette rustic and natural. All of Sharland England’s ceramics and linens are designed in a way that allows you to mix and match any collections you like. Louise’s current favourite combination is our cognac Napa tablecloth & napkins, lemon hand-woven napkin rings, our terracotta glaze Louise jug and our Vine plates in mustard and tan. You can also add some vintage pottery for extra charm! Food-wise, nothing beats sharing platters full of bright, beautiful salads and Mediterranean dishes. You can shop this exact tablescape here.


Is your glassware handmade?

Each piece of our glassware collection is hand-blown with meticulous precision and artistry. This artisanal approach truly makes every piece one-of-a-kind.

Where is it made?

Our glassware is made in Indonesia by skilled artisans, following long-standing traditional methods of glassmaking.

Can your glassware withstand daily usage without chipping or breaking?

Our glassware is designed and crafted to withstand daily usage. They maintain their brilliance over time without chipping or breaking.

Is your glassware dishwasher safe?

Yes, all our glassware is indeed dishwasher safe.

Are your glassware items available for individual purchase or only as part of a set?

You can buy our Sharland England glassware as a set or just an individual piece. You can find it here.


What is Sharland England?

Founded by fashion journalist and broadcaster Louise Roe, Sharland England creates beautiful, hand-crafted rattan furniture, ceramics, linens and glassware. Louise designs Sharland England’s collection with a nostalgic nod to a bygone charming era of entertaining. Every item is handcrafted by experienced artisans around the world, from Italy and Portugal to India, Java and Colombia. Named after her great-Grandmother, who lived in Buenos Aires and was the consummate hostess, Sharland England blends informality with elegance, making home feel curated, layered, and warm.

Who is Louise Roe?

Louise Roe is a fashion journalist and broadcaster and the founder of Sharland England. Louise Roe began her career as the news editor for Vogue.com, in London. She has since written for publications including Elle UK, In Style UK, People Stylewatch, CosmoGirl NL, Luxdeco Interiors magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Louise released her first non-fiction book, Front Roe in the Spring of 2015. Louise is also known for hosting MTV’s makeover show “Plain Jane,” Fox Asia’s “Fit For Fashion,” and the red carpet coverage for NBC’s “Access Hollywood”. She hosts the fashion segment on ITVs This Morning and the Sheerluxe show. 

In 2021 she founded Sharland England, a rattan & tabletop brand where everything is handmade.

Her passions include skiing, high heels, cocktails, old movies and working as an ambassador for MTV’s Bullied campaign, and the Step Up Women’s Network, an organization which helps underprivileged girls achieve their college and career goals. A speaker at Harvard & Cambridge Universities, Louise also recently joined Save the Children as an official ambassador.

After 11 years living in LA, Louise and her family relocated back to England. She lives in London with her producer husband Mackenzie Hunkin, and their two daughters, Honor & Inès.

What is new at Sharland England?

You can always find all the Sharland England newness on this page.

What are the best sellers at Sharland England?

You can always find all the Sharland England best sellers on this page.

What are Louise Roe’s top picks for a tablescape?

You can find Louise Roe’s Sharland England favourite tabletop items on this page. And she loves handpicking and updating this page herself!

What are Louise Roe’s top picks for a roomscape?

You can find Louise Roe’s Sharland England favourite furniture and decor items on this page. She loves handpicking and updating this page herself!

Do you sell gift cards?

We do sell gift cards at Sharland England! Our gift cards are digital and can be purchased in different values from this page. We don’t offer custom amounts, but you can order more than one gift card to make up your desired amount.

How is my gift card delivered?

Each gift card has its own code and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. You can then either forward the email on to your recipient or print the gift card out for them. Unfortunately, Sharland England is not responsible for gift cards delivered to incorrect email addresses. Get yours here.

My gift card isn't working. What should I do?

If your gift card isn't working for any reason, please contact us at customercare@sharlandengland.com.

Can I have my wedding or gift registry with Sharland England?

Absolutely, at Sharland England we do offer a wedding and gift registry service! You can handpick the items you love the most from our range of tabletop and furniture to create a bespoke list that reflects your style and taste. Get started here.

I have emailed about a product or order, and have not received a response yet. Why?

We strive to answer all product or order queries within 48 hours. However, please note that further delays can occur if we are in the process of gathering additional information from a brand or carrier. We also advise you to check your junk email folders, as sometimes our responses can inadvertently land there.

How do I use my promotional code?

You will be able to add your promotional code at checkout in the related box under your list of items.

Do you have a physical store or are you only online?

We are generally online only, however we are regularly in pop-up stores.

How is my credit card information saved?

We do not save credit card data. Please find further details on our Terms of Service page.

I have a question that is not being answered here. Who should I contact?

We are here to help with any questions you may have. Please do contact us via email at customercare@sharlandengland.com

Interior Design & Styling

Do you offer interior design and home styling advice services?

Currently we don’t offer interior design and home styling advice, but we are passionate about interiors and always happy to answer questions on an individual basis so do reach out to us via email at customercare@sharlandengland.com. We also have our Roomscapes section for advice on decorating and styling key rooms in the house.

Where can I find decor inspiration?

You can find inspiration for all things home, decor and entertaining on our Instagram page, Pinterest page and on our blog. We also curate a roomscape section on our website with plenty of decor inspiration. And if you’re looking for tabletop ideas, have a look at our tablescape section. 

What is a Tablescape?

A tablescape is a setting that transforms ordinary dining into an immersive aesthetic experience. This term refers to the artistic arrangement of table ceramics, decorations, centrepieces, linens, and accessories to create a specific mood or theme. Tablescaping pays attention to the finest details from seating arrangements to napkin folds. Each element is thoughtfully curated to engage not just the sense of sight, but the overall dining experience. Find our favourite Sharland England tablescapes here.

What is a Roomscape?

The term roomscape is used to describe the overall design and aesthetic of a room or space. It refers to the way different elements come together to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment, aiming to capture a specific style or ambience. At Sharland England we curate a roomscape section with plenty of decor inspiration for every room in your house.