In my home, coffee table books are everywhere. For a design lover like myself, they are not only beautiful decorative accessories in themselves, but they are windows into the creative minds of renowned designers, architects, and photographers who have shaped the world of interiors. 

When renovating my home, these books were invaluable sources of inspiration, showcasing awe-inspiring spaces, iconic furniture pieces, and ingenious design concepts. From Mark D. Sikes to Robert Kime, the artistry and creativity inspired me to create rooms which were reflective of my own unique style, creating my vision from a diverse range of designers, eras and styles. 

So, whether you're seeking inspiration for your own home or simply wanting to curl up with a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the beauty of well-curated spaces, these coffee table books are essential additions to your collection. 


1. Inside Tangier: House & Gardens - by Nicoló Castellini Baldissera and Guido Taroni

This first book is a true favourite as it effortlessly captures the essence of Tangier’s enchanting and vibrant interiors. Flipping through the pages, I found myself lost in a world of ornate tilework, lush gardens and incredible oranges, blues and white hues revealing Tangier’s famously unique blend of influences. From legendary homes like that of Yves Saint Laurent, to hidden gems, it captures the essence of the city's artistic heritage and offers inspiration for a touch of wanderlust in your home.

2. Robert Kime – By Alastair Langlands 

Opening up ‘Robert Kime’ by Alastair Langlands is like stepping into a world where time stands still. Robert Kime is a personal favourite but also one of the most respected and influential English designers in the interior design realm and this book beautifully captures his genius. With its lush photography and intimate anecdotes, it's like having a front-row seat to his creative process. The rich textures, exquisite fabrics, and perfectly curated spaces that embody Kime's signature style bring a timeless charm to any living space. 

 3. Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast – By Hamish Bowles and Chloe Malle 

This coffee table book is an absolute game-changer for anyone who craves inspiration. I mean, we're talking about Vogue – the ultimate authority on style – and they've compiled the most stunning homes from around the world in one glorious volume. From chic city apartments to sprawling coastal retreats and rustic countryside abodes, this book has it all. Trust me, flipping through the pages of this book will have you itching to start a home makeover! 

 4. Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style – By Mark D. Sikes, Nancy Meyers and Amy Neunsinger 

“Beautiful” is a treasure trove of design inspiration that will make you fall head over heels for classic American style. Mark D Sikes has an impeccable eye for creating spaces that are both stylish and livable with this book showcasing his stunning rooms filled with vibrant prints, fresh and clean hues, exquisite vintage finds and comfy upholstery. When renovating our London home, I actually found his emphasis on light and airy but also cosy interiors to be hugely influential on my own kitchen design. 

 5. Near and Far: Interiors I love – By Lisa Fine, Deborah Needleman and Miguel Flores-Vianna 

This coffee table book is like a passport to the most incredible interiors from around the world. Lisa Fine takes us through captivating spaces, from exotic destinations to hidden corners right in her own home, visiting the people and places that have been her greatest sources of inspiration. The writing is truly the highlight of this book with three interior giants sharing their personal insights, stories, and design wisdom, giving the feeling that you're simply having a cosy chat with a friend.

 6. British Designers at Home – By Jenny Rose-Innes

Rose-Innes curates a wonderful collection of personal insights into the homes of designers themselves. They talk at length about their experience in design and their decisions behind the visions for their own living spaces. This book is an absolute treat for design enthusiasts like myself. It's like getting an exclusive peek behind the curtain into the private abodes of Britain's most talented and creative minds. Prepare to be blown away by the stunning photography that really showcases these designers' impeccable taste and unique styles.

 7. The Colourful Past: Edward Bulmer and the English Country House 

This book is one for the history lovers! It dives into the captivating stories behind historical houses and their vibrant colour palettes. Edward Bulmer brings the spaces to life with juicy stories, scandalous tales, and stunning photography, taking us on a wild ride through centuries of fascinating colour palettes, revealing the secrets behind iconic spaces and the emotions they evoke. 

 8. The Interiors and Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision

This is a gorgeous book which explores the sublime work of Renzo Mongiardino who was designer to the elites of 20th century high society including the Rothschilds, the Peretti and the Agnellis. I found myself intrigued by the way that Mongiardino makes design a work of art. His ability to create spaces that transcend time and seemingly reality, to create awe-inspiring magical interiors is unparalleled. Whether you're a design enthusiast, an art lover, or simply someone who appreciates beauty, this book is an absolute must-have.

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