Our Story ...

Welcome to Sharland England, a pipe dream-turned reality, that has captured my heart entirely. Having worked in fashion and broadcasting my whole career, it’s thrilling to finally put into practice my greatest joy: designing beautiful pieces for the home..

"We all need a little comfort and nostalgia surrounding us at home..."

- Louise Roe

Behind The Name

‘Sharland’ is the maiden name of my great Grandmother. Three generations of family lived in Buenos Aires; all strong British women with a wicked sense of humour and a refined sense of style. Marjorie Sharland threw magical parties and entertained with a sense of ease. The table looked elegant, yet somehow, informal.

Growing up in the English countryside, our home was peppered with antique chintz, rattan, cane and patina’d wooden furniture. I was surrounded by the warmth, tradition and nostalgia these pieces evoked.

They honestly made my eyes twinkle, even as a child, when I walked into a room. It was as if glamorous stories and scenes from the past, just floated up from them.

What We Do

These childhood memories inspired the identity and aesthetic at the core of Sharland England. Blending history, hand and tool, we support local artisans and craftspeople, using techniques passed down over centuries. I enjoy sourcing every antique and designing every piece of furniture and tabletop, before watching it come to life through the hands of our artisans. Our wicker is sustainably sourced using entirely natural rattan, and made slowly, by hand, with the greatest of intention and care.

I truly believe there is nothing like these natural materials and designs – full of their own stories - to add a sense of luxury and timelessness to a room. It makes me happy to think of Sharland England pieces as your new houseguests...




About Louise

Louise Roe has worked in the fashion and lifestyle industry for over 15 years. The former fashion editor-at-large for Glamour magazine, she has also written for Vogue, Elle, The Telegraph and House & Garden magazine. She spent a decade living in Los Angeles, hosting various TV shows and writing her style guide, Front Roe.

Louise lives in London with her husband, Mackenzie, and their two young daughters. She works with Save the Children and children’s hospital charity Spread A Smile.

You can follow along her family life on @LouiseRoe, her home renovations on @LouiseRoeHome and Sharland’s latest updates @Sharland_England