Working from home is a phrase everyone is talking about at the moment and lots of you shared your tips on my video of how to successfully work from home. One thing that is really important is to set up a good working environment- if you have the perfect home office then you’re halfway to having a productive working day. There are some very simple ways to spruce up your working environment, regardless of what space you have and they are guaranteed to motivate you and lift your mood. Read below for how to create the perfect home office.
Stock up on stationery
I am stationery obsessed so to me, a good workspace has a plethora of notebooks, pens and cards. The designer Rachael Cocker has just launched a collection with Papier (one of my favourite companies) and her designs are floral and bright…perfect mood lifters. I love a notebook to jot all my notes in during conference calls and notecards which I included in care packages for my neighbours. If you’re new to working from home and struggling with where to start, start with stationery.
Create an atmosphere
A scented candle or diffuser is a must in a home office. I’ve done a bit of research into which scents are best for a working area but if concentration isn’t a worry for you, choose your favourite scent and it’ll immediately relax you. You can also buy essential oils and mix them yourself into a diffuser that you plug in to the wall. Here are some of the scents you might find useful, either in candles or in diffusers:
For alertness: bergamot, grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary.
For concentration: lemon, lemongrass, patchouli
For creativity: clary sage
For positivity: geranium
For inspiration: chamomile, green tea, lavender, musk, sandalwood.
Pops of colour
It’s important to have a home office that is as fun as it is functional. I like to have pops of colour nearby as they are mood boosting. A colourful water jug or carafe (like this one I’m loving at the moment) encourages me to drink water and my patterned lampshade is one of my favourite things about my home office. A colourful desk is a happy one and this can be achieved through something as small as a colourful photograph on your desk.
Photos and prints
Speaking of, I also like to have some photos or prints on my desk; even the smallest workspace would benefit from a personal touch. Framed family photos or arty prints can be really encouraging and make a desk feel more homely. It’s also a nice way of introducing other textures, like this frame which cosies up the space a bit.
Along with the above, make sure you have a supportive chair, some good natural light and a plug socket nearby. If all else fails, pop some fresh flowers on your desk or table and you won’t want to leave it. What do you keep on your desk?