It’s nearly Halloween! Autumn is one of my favourite times of year and pumpkin decorating is something I’ve done every October since I was little. I usually like to do something chic and have a pumpkin that is pretty rather than scary; this floral pumpkin DIY is so easy to do and you don’t need to spend more than a few pounds. Pumpkins are such a large staple for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving … I think it is pretty safe to say that we will be seeing pumpkins until December.

What You’ll Need

-One large pumpkin (the bigger the better!)

-Smaller pumpkins for decorating

-Sharp knife


-Spoon (again, bigger the better)

-Assortment of flowers

-Oasis (the green foamy stuff that florists use!)


This is extremely simple to put together. First, take the top off your pumpkin and scoop out the insides. You can take about a third off the top as you want lots of space for your flowers to spill over the sides. If you want to, keep the pumpkin for a warming Autumn soup (yum).

Once your pumpkin is all hollowed out, cut up some brick of oasis and place it in the pumpkin roughly covering the base. Try and have different sized blocks at different levels so that the finished result looks like a bouquet.

Cut the stems of your flowers and place them in the oasis, front to back. I used a mixture of red and yellow roses, ivy, chrysanthemums and dahlias in strong fiery colours but you can use whatever you like! Add some ivy leaves to the sides and some vines around the back and you have your floral pumpkin.

Pop your floral arrangement on the doorstep or keep it inside as decoration. Add some smaller pumpkins and ivy to act as a base and make sure the oasis blocks stay moist as this is the key to longer lasting flowers.

So many of us love to carve pumpkins with our friends, family, and children, but this can prove to be a bit tricky when your baby is still a little bit too young. We can’t just let them go ahead and try to carve out their own jack-o’-lantern, but it is fun to involve them in any way that you can. There are still so many ways to decorate pumpkins without involving the sharp tools. Honor loved helping me choose the flowers and getting her hands in the oasis- she loves smelling flowers and it’s a lot less messy than getting paint involved!

Tip: Buying the pumpkins can be just as fun as the decorating. Find a nearby pumpkin patch and take your little one to help pick the pumpkins- they will absolutely love it!

How are you planning to decorate your pumpkin this year?