The coffee table is the centrepiece of any living room, that's why it needs careful styling. Below are my tips on how to:

1. Plan

I like to start this process by lining up everything I'd like to display and have handy on the coffee table. For me, it's my current favourite coffee table books or anything I'm reading at the moment, framed photos of my girls, my favourite trinkets, a seasonal plant or flowers, a scented candle or tapered candle, and lastly any remote we use. Then, I move on to planning their arrangement which is usually clusters of items. 


2. Start Big

The first items I add are the bulkier ones, so my books and magazines. Always keep them inspiring and room-appropriate, you don’t want a cookbook on your living room coffee table. Some of my books are stacked and topped off with a candle or a thrifted trinket - playing with different heights items, and different textures creates visual interest - some aren't so they're easier to reach and flip through. 


3. Plants & Flowers? Yes, Please.

Any greenery will bring life and colour to the scene but if you're not green-thumbed, don't worry there are some incredible faux options you can use. 

My go-to pot is our Pinet rattan cachepot. And when I swap a plant for some fresh blooms, the Verona vase is my pick. P.s. It looks great even without anything in it!


4. Use a tray

Trays help to group smaller items and give them a much tidier look. I may or may not have more than one tray on my ottoman (I know!) but the one that takes centre stage is my rattan Hadley tray - I love the natural, woven touch it adds. Don't be afraid to mix different textures, materials and colours that complement each other. My Hadley tray is usually filled with smaller vintage books, matches, pretty ceramics and lastly my vintage onix shells and fruits I got at an antique fair.


5. Leave Some Empty Space 

It's easy to get carried away with displaying all your favourite things on the coffee table but don't forget that your coffee table is meant to be a place where you can place a drink, some nibbles, and even your feet when you’re taking a moment to relax.


6. Keep it practical 

If you have items you use daily, like remote controls, coasters and matches, keep them tidy and easy to reach. Adding pretty dishes or small vintage boxes will help elevate even the most ordinary items.