Pinet Plant Pot

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Designed by Louise Roe



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Hand-crafted from 100% natural rattan, artisans delicately weave the braided rim and elegant loops. The Pinet Plant Pot is perfect for displaying houseplants, but (depending which size you choose – small, medium or large) it also makes a great wastepaper basket or makeup brush holder. The cachepot baskets look pretty as a set, and can be purchased together, or separately. Tip: line with a waterproof bag if used for houseplants. 

Dimensions & Care

Small: 18 cm D x 16 cm H - base: 12 cm
Medium: 24 cm D x 27 cm W - base: 18 cm
Large: 36 cm D x 32 cm H - base: 24 cm

Small: 7" D x 6.3" H - base: 4.7"
Medium: 9.4" D x 10.6" W - base: 7"
Large: 14.2" D x 12.6" H - base: 9.4"

Natural rattan is not suitable for outdoor use. Rain and direct sunlight affect the finish over time. If you need to clean your item, remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or dry brush. For a deeper clean, wipe down with a damp cloth, ensuring the product is completely dried afterwards.

Read more about how to clean your rattan items.

International Delivery

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