When I get near the end of a room makeover, it doesn’t feel ‘finished’ until I have added a few final little touches. It’s funny how a room can be painted, furnished and ready to go, but somehow, it doesn’t yet feel like home. I’ve compiled a few of my essential personal touches that will let you sink into the sofa and go ‘ahhhhh’...

Make it personal 

I went to a lot of stunning houses when I lived in LA, that had been professionally designed by a decorator. Some, however, lacked personal photos, and old family portraits, which I always noticed. I loved to buy antique silver frames at fairs, go through my parents’ old albums, and frame a few old black and white family pictures. I also make sure I print off shots of the girls regularly to frame, because it’s all too easy to forget and just keep them on your phone. Anything that holds sentimental value I also love to display, rather than hide away, so for example, my granny’s old marble fruit is on our coffee table, and I love seeing it every day. Personal pieces tell a story and evoke memories, which is what a happy home should do. 


Add soft layers 

Sometimes a room can feel quite bare despite having the furniture in place. I tackle this by adding layers and soft furnishings to the room - it also softens the acoustics. This can be as simple as adding cushions to the sofas, and rolling up a few blankets to have in a basket by the sofa. Rugs (even over carpet) are another way to layer, I love scouring Etsy and Ebay for vintage flatweave runners. For lamps, consider fabric pleated lampshades: I think they add more texture and warmth to a room, and I also use soft yellow or orange bulbs, never white.


Smell the Roses

Have you noticed that houses seem to have their own signature smell? The smell is a combination of different things such as your laundry detergent, foods you eat and even the materials of furniture that are in your room. Tailor your home’s scent to match your home aesthetic with scented candles in each room, and fresh flowers. I like to constantly refresh the long stem flowers and branches in my Otterley vase according to the season. 


Open the Wine

I always think the final stamp on a house feeling like home, is when you have people over. Get the music going, the candles lit, and pour the wine. It’s important to get over the terror of spilling things on your brand new furniture, and just enjoy the new space. Laughter and friends is the true final touch, for the end of your renovation.