Cosy In The Eaves

The next in the series of room reveals is the blue eaves bedroom. This is the room that is requested by everyone before they come and stay and I can’t wait to be able to have friends over from LA, from London or from around the corner. It’s another eaves bedroom just like the Mary Poppins one but with a bit of a blue theme; there’s something so romantic about rooms built into the eaves and that’s why my blue eaves bedroom is one of my favourites.

We gave this whole room a new lease of life and turned what had been a small office into a cosy room. Our builder explained that we could open up the whole ceiling (as it wasn’t load bearing) and so we created this wonderful arched ceiling which I love. It also meant that we could make a feature of the little window and bring in a bit more light. Our builder made a window seat from a photo I had of something similar and made cushions out of the same fabric that I used on the headboard and bed valance, a beautiful fabric called Folly in Peacock Blue by Veere Grenney.

I matched the blue on the Folly fabric to the ladder stitch on bedlinen by Sarah K who does lots of personalisation so you can get all sorts of colours. The throw and blind are both from Johnstons of Elgin and they show how I was really playing around with shades of blue! The bamboo bedside table is the same one as in the Mary Poppins room which I got from a friend. The shell dish was found in an antique shop in Santa Barbara- the room is a real collection of things from all over.

The walls are Bone by Farrow & Ball which we had used elsewhere in the house, on all the landings and in the hall. It’s a stony colour that is neutral without being cold. I found lots of pictures and frames from antique shops and a couple of frames have postcards in as they were the perfect size! There’s also a wonderful cow print which was given to me by my godfather and I love how it works with the blues in the room.

The final touch is the gorgeous Victoria Davenport desk that’s also an antique and I’ve added a little chair which I reupholstered in the leftover Vine Flower by Penny Morrison that we used for our Master Bedroom curtains. I can’t wait to have people to stay in this room- it’s cosy and special, just like I hoped it would be and I’m excited for people to enjoy it!