There’s nothing better than curling up in a cosy and inviting bed on a cool Winter evening with a cup of tea and a good book close to hand. I have always welcomed the mellow beauty that this season brings, with the blanket of leaves and their beautiful rich colours lining the streets.

While I do love winter, it does bring more changeable weather so I like to make adjustments to my bedding and textiles to suit the colder nights. Layers such as bedspreads and quilts are the ideal way of managing this shift in season, providing warmth and comfort, yet still allowing for the occasional milder night.

I find the best way to achieve cosiness is to mix warm neutrals with winter tones and play around with different textures. I tend to use blankets, throws and pillows in varying shades of ecru, blush pink, orange and brown, and I love mixing textures such as velvet, knits and tartan throughout.

Bedroom cosy up

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