With life going a thousand miles an hour, I often find myself seeking some quiet alone time where I can simply relax and read a good book. And especially now, with Autumn in full swing, I intend to make it a weekly ritual (if the girls let me) where I light up my favourite scented candle, snuggle up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea on hand and read away.

And so last week, I went for a little book-shopping expedition and got enough books to get me through to the new year. These are my all-time favourite bookstores in London:


Word On The Water on the Regent’s Canal

First on the list is Word On The Water, a charming bookstore nestled inside a 1920s Dutch barge, moored on the Regent's Canal at Granary Square. They have a great mix of new and second-hand books ranging from literary classics to contemporary novels. Not just a bookstore, the roof of the barge often transforms into a stage for intimate events and live music sessions. 


John Sandoe Books in Chelsea

A short train ride away, tucked into a cobbled alleyway in Chelsea, is John Sandoe Books - an independent store established in 1957 on a charming three-floored Georgian townhouse. The creaky-old staircase, moody atmosphere and impeccable book curation make it an absolute must-see if you’re ever in London.


Hurlingham Books in Fulham

Next is Hurlingham Books, located in the heart of Fulham. What I love about this bookshop is the sheer volume of books they have. For some, the atmosphere can feel somewhat chaotic but for me it is heaven! You get lost in the aisles packed with books and your book search feels magical, as if it were only driven by serendipity.


Daunt Books in Marylebone

And then, last but not least, Daunt Books in Marylebone that specialises in travel, non-fiction and literary titles. This bookshop is breathtaking. Housed in a former Edwardian bookshop built in 1910, the store features long oak galleries, balconies and a gorgeous skylight. Despite its grandeur, the bookshop feels cosy and warm and lends itself to an inviting browsing experience.