I’m constantly thinking about what I might do differently in the new house and making our bedroom into a cosy, quiet space is a real priority. As Mackenzie and I work from home, every room (at one point or another) has been used as a makeshift office but the bedroom has to remain a tranquil sanctuary and what’s on my bedside table has to reflect that. Somewhere to exhale after a long day and get your eight hours…less at the moment with a newborn of course.

Bedside tables often aren’t thought about but they can affect your mood more than you might think. Stacks of unread books can actually cause more stress than inspiration. I even once interviewed Kate Hudson who said she had energy crystals on her bedside table, but she’d had to move one away because it was so powerful, she believed it was giving her bad dreams. For those of us who don’t sleep very well, having the right routine and scents, supplements or oils before bedtime can make the difference over a restful slumber. Below I’ve outlined what’s on my bedside table.


I’m starting off with a contentious one…flowers. A lot of people say that flowers by the bed should be avoided as they steal all the oxygen but others have always got a little posy by the bed and sleep blissfully. So I’m torn. If I’m sleeping next to an open window in summer then I love having a little vase of flowers on the window sill. My favourite bedroom flowers?

Peonies: Pink and feminine, you only need four or five of these voluminous blooms to fill a vase. My all time, year round favourite flower.

Freesias: they remind me of an English country garden

Hydrangea: A close second for my forever favourite, these just make any room look beautiful. I love the purple, green and cream shades

Delphiniums: Tall and statuesque, the zingy purple variety look beautiful all bunched together

Herbs: They give any bouquet a quaint charm, and smell delicious.


Low wattage lamps in yellow or orange tone, really help you wind down. I adore little lamps with gathered fabric lampshades (Pooky is my favourite place for these) and I also love sconces: brilliant for saving space, and frame a headboard nicely. 

Make it personal

I pick up antique silver frames from Ebay or in charity shops and fill them with family photos. Whether these are old pics of my granny on horseback, or a phone snap of Mackenzie and Honor, it’s a lovely feeling to see your loved ones, rather than a phone screen, when you first wake up.  

Top off with the smalls

Finish off the table with small trinkets and dishes that truly makes your bedside table feel complete. I have a candle holder that doubles up as a jewellery dish 

Have drawers or a door

Bedside tables can get cluttered and messy really fast, so avoid the temptation to have one with shelves. Instead, opt for closed drawers or mis-matched Victorian pot cupboards, which work beautifully mixed up in different rooms! Antique cabinets often have little cupboards but in some of the eaves rooms, I’ve used a stool or chair instead. 

Scroll to browse the finds that will totally transform your bedside table. What do you keep on yours?