Tales from the Drawing Room: Sarah Corbett-Winder

Sarah is a self-confessed clothes addict, who started her career as an artist and then quickly moved to the fashion cupboard at Vogue Russia, where she worked her way up in the magazine world. She now works as a stylist, personal shopper, content creator and founder of her own women’s suit company, Kipper

We love your home, you’ve created such a beautiful, happy space, full of character. What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Ooooh hard question…I’m afraid you’re going to get more than one answer. Our open plan kitchen, which means you can be cooking and still be a part of the fun. We’ve created such happy memories around our kitchen table - crazy family breakfasts, long lunches with friends that turn into supper, lots of homework, great date nights, cosy Sunday suppers and I’m so excited to create so many more!

I think because the kitchen opens onto the garden there is a real feeling of space. The dream is in the summer when we have all the doors open from the kitchen onto the garden, which is filled with friends and their kids, and the bbq is fired up. I often stand back and just take in all the laughter and joy.

Also our bedroom which is also open plan, you might see a theme going here, which really is my safe place. I often got to bed early just to hang out there - have a bath, listen to some music, light the fire (obvs weather depending!) and have a play in my wardrobe. I feel it would be rude if my/our wardrobe didn’t get a mention, which was once a bedroom BUT it's part of my job right?! It makes getting dressed extra fun and I really love it when our kids come and make outfit suggestions, it always seems to be sparkly heels on a Monday!

What are the top tips you’d give to someone in the process of decorating their home to add character to a space?

Do things on mass, so think mirrors on mass in a downstairs loo, a collection of Staffordshire dogs filling the top of your fireplace. Plates or botanicals hung on your walls in mass. More is more! I promise it will bring a smile to your face. And don’t be scared to paint or wallpaper the ceiling. Decorate rooms by colour- our kids' bathroom is only allowed things that are red in it, and you can only live in our spare room if you’re from a blue family! Think outside the box - try hanging a striped wallpaper the opposite direction to what you’d initially think, use an off cut of marble as a tray on a shelf. Anything can be art, your kids art, one shoe that has lost his friend could sit nicely on top of a picture, fill you home with memories from your travels. The more fun you have decorating your house, the more fun you will feel in your house.

Is there something you wish you had done differently?

I don’t want to sound smug but no because we didn’t go wild, we really thought about the layout and then basically just filled it with stripes, which are timeless! I believe a house is never finished so of course I am always adding, whether it be a striped cushion or a striped wallpaper!

Has your style evolved over the years? If so, how?

Yes, definitely, our first flat was very blue and very Pinterest, and when we moved here, with our family, I made a conscious effort to make my taste more mature. We tired of our blue/Pinterest flat very quickly and I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I connected with earthy colours and decided that stripes were the only pattern (apart from some florals in our daughter's room) that would be in the house. Everything has to go in our house, for me, decorating a room is just like getting dressed. Keep it tonal with the occasional unexpected pop.

Do you collect anything in particular?

China fruit and Staffordshire dogs, and I think I’d be lying if I didn’t say clothes!! And bags and jewelry too…

Tell us something about you that people don’t know.

I’m really scared of birds

What is your favourite Sharland England item?

You can’t expect me to say one thing can you?! ALL the wonderful rattan and I have a real soft spot for all the Frais de Bois pieces, they make me feel nostalgic in a very chic way.

What are you currently reading - listening - watching?

Currently reading James Frey ‘A Million Little Pieces - I love a dark book. I can’t stop listening to Feels Right ‘Biig Piig’ and I’m a sucker for some classical music in the bath. And I confess I can’t watch tv, I can’t sit down for long periods of time without doing something…don’t laugh, it drives my husband crazy! Maybe one day I will… when I retire and I’ve worked through my to-do-list?!


Sarah's Favourite Products

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