You might slightly recognise this pretty in pink bedroom. I created a rather similar version in our old home in the countryside, and seeing as we only ended up living there one year, I wasn’t ready to part with the decor (especially that scalloped headboard!) just yet. So I adapted the design for our cosy guestroom up in the eaves. I changed the paint colour to a slightly more putty pink, switching out Edward Bulmer’s Cuisse de Nymph Emue for Jonquil. I also painted all the joinery to match so there’s a lovely wash of calming colour in here…pretty in pink.

One of the reasons I love this room so much is because it’s got some of my pieces from Sharland England! The dressing table and chair fit nicely under the window in here and I must say, I’m so proud to look at them! Hand-woven by talented craftspeople in Bali, the techniques are passed down from generation to generation. The table is quite shallow so it can be used as a console table behind a sofa or by the entrance hallway too, but wicker makes for lovely bedroom furniture as it’s so warm and nostalgic. As always, I have a few antiques in the room: the cane corner chair and my campaign antique bedside tables from Chairish. The cane chair has a fabulous pop of colour in the pink and red frilly cushion by In Casa By Paboy whilst the bedside tables have pink ceramic lamps from The Edition 94 and some Matilda Goad shades. All very soft and very pretty in pink; this is definitely a feminine room.

My design challenge up here was in how to find the right blind for the huge Velux window. I don’t like the look of skylight blinds so I sent a photo of a style I’d seen to my curtain genius Kath Groves and she made the existing Soane curtains fit to brass Hunter & Hyland poles over the window. I love it. The material is Osmunda Frond in Ivy on Stone Linen and it’s the same fabric we’ve used on our bespoke headboard, made by Wescot House (I still remember sketching out the specific scallop shapes on the wall on our old house, such fun!). It’s a true statement print but I think the dark green compliments the pale pink. Kath also made a tie back for the full length curtain behind the dressing table for which her inspiration was a ‘1980’s froufrou ball gown belt’. I think that’s the best bit of inspo I’ve ever heard!