Summer is just around the corner and I love nothing more than spending time outside, sipping drinks during golden hour, reading or running around with the girls and, of course, eating alfresco! All of these activities call for an outdoor space that looks and feels like an extension of the house, ready to be our living room, dining room or both whenever we need it. 

Below I’ve collected some tips for helping you decorate your outdoor space, be it a small balcony or a large garden.

For Small Spaces

Having a small backyard, or balcony doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can create a beautiful, relaxing space with just some simple mindful design choices:

  1. Go vertical. For both your storage cabinets and greenery. Think of slim, tall cabinets to store anything outdoors and clusters of little pots hung on the wall or on your railing to save up on precious floor space while still making your balcony look tidy and lively with your favourite plants and flowers. 
  2. Add a rug. Opt for muted coloured rugs that add texture without overwhelming your space and if you love a pattern (I do!), favour larger-scaled, patterns. And remember, go right up to the edges. If you use a rug that’s too small, this will make the space feel smaller than it actually is.
  3. Furniture but make it light. Pick furniture that’s not bulky and feels light to the eye. With limited space, it is essential to prioritise decor that matches your lifestyle and your intentions for your outdoor space. For example - if you love entertaining, prioritise a cosy seating area. We love our Emerson dining chairs paired with our small, multifunctional Emerson side table that can double up as a makeshift bar cart or a tiered serving cart for your drinks and nibbles. I’ve also collated a list (with recipes!) of some delicious cocktails and mocktails to serve this summer here. If on the other hand, you love relaxing solo, maybe with a good book or playing cards while listening to music, nothing beats a comfy armchair. Our Emerson armchair comes in two colourways that match with any colour scheme you went for.


For Large Spaces

  1. Divide up your Space. With a large outdoor space, it’s crucial to create smaller space clusters that can serve different purposes. Think cosy armchairs and chic sun loungers around a parasol. Add a beautiful rug, a tiered side table or a bar cart with drinks, fresh fruit and pastries for a summer party. A chic, yet relaxed dining set strategically placed in the shade is perfect for enjoying long summer brunches. And I have the most delicious homemade granola recipe for you here
  2. Use plants and flowers as ornaments. Consider species like Lavender for creating a tranquil corner with its soothing fragrance. Hydrangeas are ideal for creating a focal point with their large, lush blooms. For a more structured look, Boxwood shrubs can be sculpted into various geometric forms to complement any garden design. And if you’re more into a cottage core kind of vibe, I’d recommend creating a flowerbed filled with lovely Forget-me-nots.
  3. Add colours with beautiful ceramics. You know I love hanging plates on the walls, so why not do the same in the garden? If you have a pergola or trellises, have fun hanging your favourite colourful plates to create an accent wall. Keep adding colour using ceramic pots for your larger plants and pretty statement vases like our Verona vase for your flowers.
  4. Light it Up. The joy is that lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional, especially for the outdoors. I love fairy lights over the dining area paired with different-height candles on the table, and rustic lanterns all around the garden to create a cosy, moody vibe in the evening.