I learnt so much from renovating our house. Interiors has always been a passion of mine but I discovered whole new untapped worlds in designing our new home- one of which was paint. Edward Bulmer has given us so much help with our paint choices so I’ve shared a couple of his top tips for anyone who might be looking to undertake a little job- this is how to choose paint colours.


Use natural paints

The great thing about Edward Bulmer’s Natural Paint collection is that they’re exactly that…natural. I had no idea that most high-street paints are full of plastic and recent research has shown that some of their toxins can be damaging to our health, not to mention the planet. Edward Bulmer’s paints are made from natural mineral pigments which are better for you and, as it turns out, for your home.  Breathable paint is much the best option for heritage or listed homes- durable but allows walls and woodwork to breathe. So now you know that natural paints are the way forward, which colours should you choose?


Start with the architecture

Any period features should be the focal point of your choices, says Edward. A period fireplace or old wooden floor can help decide on what sorts of tones and colours are going to work best. For example, there are shades of mid blue that have warm tones and cooler tones- a paler blue works well with mid oak whereas something a bit warmer is better for darker oak. It’s worth getting some help with tones- Edward Bulmer explains that once you get the tone right, colour is really a matter of choice. “Personally, I try to keep neutral colours tones in communal areas and reserve stronger colours for the rooms we dwell in.”


Use a colour wheel to work out complimentary pairs of colours

Using opposite colours can really pull a scheme together. For example, Trumpington’s pair would be French BlueCuisse pairs well with Eau de Nile and Brick is the perfect pair to Indigo. Use the Edward Bulmer colour wheel to see which colours complement and contrast each other and which pairs will give you a balance of tones.