The Oscars this Sunday will be my awards season comeback, where I’ll be hosting the red carpet for Access Hollywood for the first time after giving birth to Honor in January! I’m excited, nervous, and ironing out all the final touches of my look (don’t forget to vote on my Oscars dress here). For the first time ever, I’ll actually be home in time to watch some of the ceremony, as I’ll be rushing home to feed Honor after I’ve finished working. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and host a fun little viewing ceremony with Mackenzie and a couple of our friends, before we jet out to some of the afterparties.

I found this super easy glitter popcorn recipe, that seemed totally fitting for a glamorous night like the Oscars. If you’re watching the show this weekend, pop open some red wine and try this with your friends. Make sure to tag me on Instagram. I’ll repost you on my stories!

-Desired amount of popcorn (you can make it fresh with kernels on the stovetop, use microwave bags, or even use premade popcorn)
-Olive oil or butter spray
-Salt and other seasonings to taste (optional to use garlic powder, or sugar if you like sweet popcorn)
–Edible glitter (I used gold and silver dust, plus gold star flakes)

1. After popping your popcorn by your preferred method, place it in a large bowl and spritz it with the olive oil or butter spray. Mix until evenly coated.
2. Add salt and seasonings to taste. Mix thoroughly, and sample to make sure seasonings are to your preference.
3. Transfer to your serving bowl, and lightly dust the popcorn with the gold and silver dust. I kept the 2 colors separate. Top off the entire bowl with gold star flakes for extra sparkle!