Flowers are gorgeous on a table, but lately I've been enjoying adding colour with different fruits. Placed in a bowl or scattered over the table, they add a unique elegance to your meal, and of course - can also be nibbled on by guests as they wait for the main course! I like to choose the fruit according to the colour palette, but also the scale and setting. So for example, larger fruits like oranges, apples or pomegranates look best in our Amandine fruit bowl.  


Working from the warm mustard and honey tones of the wildflowers in the field, I put together a tablescape I adore! The tan and caramel tones of our Little Flower hand-blocked tablecloth, our Napa cognac embroidered napkins, and the touches of terracotta on the table, merge nicely with the deep rustic greens on our Pintora bowl and Fortuna jug. I added more persimmon tones to the table with flowers, an old clay pot and juicy oranges. Oranges are such a vibrant fruit and so make a very bold centrepiece. I framed the oranges in the Pine Amandine fruit bowl to balance the tones of this elegant tablescape and to really make a statement with this fruit centrepiece. As-they-say, we eat with our eyes first, so why not try a show-stopping fruit centrepiece for your next dinner party?