If you know me, you will know that I adore a tablescape. Turning a table into a cosy, colourful dining experience is one of the joys of entertaining. It's a blank canvas for creativity, and always a guaranteed guest-pleaser. 

Napkins play a crucial role in a tablescape but are often overlooked or get relegated to purely functional tasks when in fact, they have quite the decorative potential.

Below I’ve curated some of my favourite napkin folding ideas:

1. The Simple Fold. A folded napkin, either to the right of the plate or sitting just atop it, is a classic you can never go wrong with. But don’t forget to iron the napkin! This fold works particularly well with patterned or embroidered napkins which you can pair with a matching tablecloth or with a neutral one. They will add colour and visual interest to your table - see how I used this fold on my latest Easter tablescape

2. The Bow. Ah I do love a bow. It’s such a pretty touch on a tablescape. Try using velvet ribbons for a decadent feel, perfect for special occasions like birthdays, baby showers or Sunday lunches. For al fresco table settings, a simple string is my go-to for a natural, relaxed bow. 

3. The Drape. I find this napkin styling technique quite elegant and dramatic. Iron your napkin and then pin it to the centre of the plate using anything you like from pretty ceramics little dishes to festive pumpkins in Autumn.

4. The Napkin Ring. At Sharland England, our napkin ring collection is one of my all-time favourites. Simply fold your napkin into a neat square, rotate it so a corner is at the top and the napkin pattern can be the right way up, then slip the napkin ring over and voila! An incredibly simple, yet delightful accent for your tablescape. 

For a more formal look, I like to have my tablecloth match my napkins and often the napkin rings too! One look I love is Fraises des Bois napkins and Tablecloth with our Strawberry Napkin Rings.

5. The Knot. The knotted napkin fold is my go-to for a casual yet chic lunch or dinner, and al fresco brunches. The knot is also a great solution for bringing cutlery to picnics and outdoor gatherings. Check out my step-by-step tutorial for the perfect cutlery folded knot here!